Foxhound Flower Farm
Get in touch with the season.
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about the farmer


Hi, I’m Ashley. I started Foxhound Flower Farm on my family’s farm in the name of my great-grandfather, Caswell Johnson. I am a writer, a florist and someone who generally loves to be outside. Foxhound Flowers is a marriage of all these things and so much more.

Among a lot of other jobs that have helped me get where I am, I have spent several years working as a wedding florist for a couple of companies owned by some amazingly creative women who also happen to be some of my very best friends. Kickstand Events and Blossom Bay Design really jumpstarted my knowledge and love for working with flowers.


I started to realize that Southeastern NC could benefit from a local flower source. Some place florists could get fresh product from someone they know that didn’t come in boxes at the airport. I decided I could be that source and here I am a couple of years later with so much to learn. Luckily North Carolina is a great hub for farmers, and I’ve been able to look to and learn from some valuable resources around me. This adventure has been and continues to be a beautiful balance of crazy challenging and extremely fulfilling. Thank you for showing up to learn about Foxhound Flowers. I hope you’ll join with me in getting in touch with the season.