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Two Hands CSA


Two Hands CSA

Community Supported Agriculture


What it is

Our “Two Hands” Flower CSA is the same concept of any food CSA (community-supported agriculture) system. This model is built on a commitment between the farm and the consumer in which the customer buys a share or subscription in the beginning of the growing season which helps the farm purchase needed seeds, equipment etc., and in return the farm supplies the customer with fresh - in our case flowers - on a regular basis throughout harvest season. It is a mutually beneficial relationship and to me, it’s a special sort of trust. It is truly community. We call our project “Two Hands CSA” because the beauty of this model is that there is no need for a middleman. Our flowers come straight from the farmer’s hand to yours.

HOw it works

You must sign up for a 4 week commitment in which you can choose to receive your flowers every week or every other week. If four weeks isn’t enough, we are now offering an 8 week option at a discount of $25 off (that’s essentially one week of free flowers!) We have two types of subscriptions available (see “subscription types” below). There are lots of options from there, like sharing your subscription with a friend or gifting it with a personalized card! Weekly drop off in Wilmington will be each Friday at your choice pick-up location: Love, Lydia Bakery & Cafe located on South 3rd street, Beanie + Cecil located in Lumina Station, or Big Sky Design Shop & Studio located on Masonboro Loop road. I will send you a reminder each week that your flowers are delivered, and if you’re out of town or can’t make your pick up for any other reason, you can always shoot me an email ahead of time and I will postpone your pick up for the next week. If you’re interested in partnering with me for this project, please visit our shop here and select your subscription type. For additional questions feel free to contact me.


Subscription Types 


Pre-designed bouquet

One hand -tied bouquet each week designed by yours truly. All you have to do is remove the paper, cut the stems, stick the bouquet in a vase and enjoy a living piece of art in your favorite nook.


bucket of loose stems

For the artist out there, each week this …gallon bucket of loose stems is your palette. Now you can apply them to your blank canvas any way you like. Place individual stems in bud vases around your home, create your own statement arrangement or make a vase for yourself and one for a friend. This is a farm fresh medium, whatever you do with it, make it your own.