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Get in touch with the season.

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Get in touch with the season

I’m passionate about thinking of flowers in terms of seasons for so many reasons. Buying local flowers has similar benefits as buying local food. Supporting your neighborhood farms and farmers will reduce your carbon footprint, and there’s no question that you will always get a much fresher and therefore better product. But beyond that, seasonal flowers represent a true sense of place and time. Local flowers are more than just something to make a countertop more colorful, they create an experience in which one can be closer in tune with the cycle of the earth around them—a seasonal awareness. That is something hard to come by in our modern life spent in offices and houses equipped with the modern conveniences we all enjoy. The seasonal experience is one we long for more and more and has become quite the movement. Don’t take my word for it, check out the Slow Flowers website for my friend and Slow Flowers champion Debra Prinzing’s succinct portrayal of this very movement and why it’s important. I think the term slow flowers, like slow food, is a perfectly coined phrase for the act of buying these things in season. It means that in our age of getting anything and everything anytime with the click of a button, slow flowers are something unique. You have it wait for them.

I started Foxhound Flower Farm because I wanted to connect with my ancestors by working closely with the North Carolina seasons just as they did. Though it is often an uphill battle replete with inconveniences like monstrous spring rains followed by humid summer droughts, relying on the natural world is a refreshing reminder of how very small we are on this planet. I want to help you get in touch with the season too. My hope is you’ll see, for example, ranunculus and instantly feel the relief of spring upon you, know summer is finally here when you receive a bouquet of lisianthus, and mark the transition between summer and the new year by the deep hues of autumn dahlias.

To join the slow flower experience in Southeastern North Carolina, check out where you can find our flowers.

This is What’s in Season Now on our Farm

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